The kSort® Assay by Immucor

kSORT is a non-invasive gene expression assay that enables enhanced post-transplant surveillance and monitors immune quiescence for transplant patients.

Join the (R)Evolution of non-invasive post transplant surveillance by using the latest gene expression assay to rule out sub clinical or clinical rejection.

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kSort Benefits

The Need for a Non-Invasive Alternative to Surveillance Biopsies

  • Fewer Costly Procedures

    Less invasive methods are likely to reduce costs

  • Avoid Procedure Related Risks

    Procedure-related adverse events including graft bleeding (up to 6% across indications) or arteriovenous fistula (up to 14%)

  • Reduce Sampling Error

    ~20% clinical discordance with inter-observer variance

We develop best-in-class solutions to improve patient outcomes.

A Comprehensive Portfolio for the Continuum of Transplant Patient Care

For more than 30 years, Immucor has focused on improving patient outcomes by bringing together best-in-class solutions developed to meet specific clinical needs. In addition to offering market-leading assays for typing and screening blood used in lifesaving transfusions, we offer a comprehensive—and progressively expanding—portfolio of products, technologies, and services to support transplant teams across the entire continuum of transplant patient care.

Pre-Transplant Evaluation

ABO Typing and Fully Automated ABO Titrations
HLA Typing, Screening and Antibody Identification

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Pre-Transplant Evaluation for Successful Donor Selection

HLA Typing

  • MIA FORA NGS MFlex HLA Typing Assays (RUO)
  • LIFECODES KIR Typing Kit (RUO)
  • LIFECODES Non-HLA Antibody Kit (RUO)

HLA antibody Screening and Identification

  • LIFECODES LifeScreen Deluxe Kits
  • LIFECODES Class I/II ID Kits
  • LIFECODES Single Antigen Kits (RUO)

Confirm HLA Typing and Cross-match

Post-Transplant Surveillance

Immune Monitoring & Inflammation Monitoring

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Immune Monitoring

  • LIFECODES LifeScreen Deluxe Kits
  • LIFECODES Class I/II ID Kits
  • LIFECODES Single Antigen Kits (RUO)
  • LIFECODES Non-HLA Antibody Kit (RUO)

Inflamattion Monitoring

  • *Laboratory Developed Test 42 CFR 493.1253(b)(2)

kSort Collection Time Points

kSORT can be utilized to monitor patient immune responses to kidney transplantation throughout the transplant journey and can add another perspective to better monitor and prevent graft damage or loss. A suggested protocol driven collection time scenario is presented here to illustrate how kSORT could be used to monitor kidney transplant patients over time.

Months 1-6

Test 1x / month

Months 7-12

Test every 2 months

Months 12+

Test every 6 months

What physicians are saying about kSort

  • kSORT has the potential to revolutionize the post-transplant care of kidney recipients, by firmly diagnosing acute cellular rejection, and its successful treatment with blood samples.

    Goran Klintmalm MD, PhD

How to Order kSort

Immucor DX strives to provide excellent customer service, starting with streamlining the logistics of ordering the kSORT test.


Order kSORT collection kits

Call 1.800.363.5915 or email Immucor DX to order your kSORT

Collection kit.


Complete test requisition and collect whole blood specimen

Complete requisition form and draw specimen in provided PAXgene® tubes according to included instructions. Click here for electronic copies of the test requisition and instructions.


Package specimen and contact carrier for pickup

Package the specimen and test requisition in accordance with the provided instructions, apply the pre-paid return shipping label, and call carrier for pickup.


Receive results in < 1 week

Physician receives report within 72 hours of specimen receipt at Immucor DX.

Immune Regulation Pathways

The kSORT assay evaluates the change in expression of specific genes which are associated with pathways involved with immune activation or stress responses. kSORT gene expression panel has been shown to be valuable in establishing which patients are likely to maintain graft tolerance. The kSORT assay gives health care providers and patients another tool to confirm treatment successes or treatment needs in a complex transplant environment.

Immune Regulation

Antigen Processing

Cell Cycle Regulation

Apoptotic Signaling

Cytotoxic Granules

Immune Differentiation

Stress Signaling

Click on the gene flower petals to learn more.

kSort Data Studies

kSORT has been evaluated in multiple studies and demonstrates Negative Predictive Value. In conjunction with standard assessments, kSORT can aid physicians in compiling relevant information to avoid unnecessary biopsies and better predict rejection in kidney transplant patients.

Study NPV View
AART 100 1 93% View Study
PRISM 2 92% View Study
SAILOR 3 98% View Study
ESCAPE 4 90% View Study
Van Loon Study 5 90% View Study
  • 1 Roedder S., Sigdel T., Salomonis N., Sarwai M., et al. PLoS Med. 11, (2014)
  • 2 Vincenti F., et al. Abstract, American Transplant Congress (2018)
  • 3 Ekberg J, Lindner P et al., Am J Transpl. 16, 203–404 (2016)
  • 4 Crespo E., Roedder S., et al. Transplantation 101, 1400–1409 (2017)
  • 5 Van Loon E., et al. Am. J Transpl. 00, 1-11 (2020)

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