Immucor's mission has always been about finding the right match. With the same focus #SpecializedDiagnostics, Werfen and Immucor are the right match. The Immucor team is excited to join Werfen and contribute to #PoweringPatientCare.

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#ImmucorGREEN takes on Energy Consumption

Our #ImmucorGREEN initiative allows us to respect the environment and continue improving patients’ lives by implementing eco-friendly practices for a more sustainable and cleaner planet.

This includes strategies for energy use reduction such as:

  • Initiating day and night temperatures in our office areas
  • Eliminating excessive light fixtures
  • Installing motion sensors for lights as well as replacing CFL lights with LEDs
  • Mounting air curtains in warehouses and walk-in cold rooms
  • Purchasing energy-efficient equipment

Multiple Immucor manufacturing sites have implemented these and other strategies. Check out the over 25% reduction in monthly kilowatt-hour usage in our Canadian
manufacturing facility. Pretty good, eh?

energy chart

With our commitment and your support, we will be able to make this world a better place to live. Watch our social media channels as our green mission evolves and give us feedback by commenting or sharing our #ImmucorGREEN posts.


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