Automated Extended Phenotype Assays are now available on the NEO Iris®!

Is your laboratory impacted by staffing shortages and struggling to perform critical time consuming tasks, such as phenotyping donor units to attain antigen negative red cell units? Are you forced to order from a local reference lab? How does this impact your turnaround time and costs?
Leverage high throughput test processing with NEO Iris® for the detection of the C, c, E, e, K, Jka, Jkb, Fya, Fyb, S, s, and k antigens via monoclonal reagents.
Immucor’s automated solutions allows laboratories to type red blood cell antigens beyond the limits of ABO Blood Grouping reagents to ensure patient specific needs are met by providing accurate, reliable, and consistent results.
Immucor continues to be a leader in the immunohematology industry and as our industry evolves, we remain committed to customer satisfaction by innovating solutions to meet customer needs.

*Product offerings may differ by region, please check with your local Immucor representative for regulatory status in your area.


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