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MIA FORATM NGS EXPRESS HLA Typing Software: You Spoke, We Listened!

Introducing MIA FORA NGS EXPRESS HLA Typing Software, Immucor’s next step in providing value-added user experience without compromising best-in-class performance and accuracy!

Currently, there are multiple Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) products and software available to histocompatibility and immunogenetic laboratories. Offering best in class accuracy and express performance provides much-needed flexibility: a core power of the MIA FORA NGS portfolio. Immucor’s new MIA FORA NGS EXPRESS is our next step in providing a value-added user experience to our customers.

MIA FORA NGS EXPRESS provides laboratories with the option to utilize a standard Windows PC and analyze results sooner than ever before. With a simplified user interface for both general and expert users, MIA FORA NGS EXPRESS is available for Linux Server OS, Windows PC OS, and VM.

The key features and benefits of the EXPRESS software include:

  • Performance Enhancements for Time to Result:
    Updates to Mapping, Phasing and Typing (MAP) algorithms result in a shorter turn-around-time than ever
    before! Now see the first sample result in under 2 hours and all 24 samples in under 3 hours!*
  • Additional Hardware and Operating System Support:
    In addition to a Linux Server, MIA FORA NGS EXPRESS has also optimized for use with a standard
    Windows PC for simple and cost effective implementation!
  • Simplified Summary Page:
    The Summary Page has been updated based on user feedback. EXPRESS software more clearly differentiates sample results and only displays critical warnings for a more streamlined review!

Not only does MIA FORA NGS EXPRESS provide customers with faster time to results, Windows PC support and a simplified summary page, but it does so while maintaining other must-have features. MIA FORA NGS EXPRESS provides ≥ 98% accuracy for automatic calls, with a ≥ 99% accuracy after manual review*!

MIA FORA NGS EXPRESS also continues to provide the ability to:

  • Resolve HLA typing to the 3rd field for HLA-A, B, C, DRB1, DRB345, DQA1/B1 and DPA1/B1
  • Identify 4th field Null Alleles, utilizing a new Null Allele Identification Algorithm
  • Identify Novel Alleles and phasing ambiguities
  • Review and analyze a Consensus Sequence
  • Efficiently review data with capability for 5 users to simultaneously log into the software when installed on a Windows PC and 10 users when using a Linux Server.

For further information on MIA FORA NGS EXPRESS HLA Typing Software and how it can benefit your lab, reach out to your local Sales Representative today!

*Data based on verification data when compared to results from MIA FORA NGS v5.1.


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