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See Beyond Limits with Fully Automated Titration Assays

We are so excited to announce the release of our fully automated ABO and non-ABO titration assays!

Besides the usual benefits of automation, these fully automated assays provide numerous advantages specifically:

  • Efficiency: Automate a labor intensive manual process and receive a final endpoint titer result eliminating the need for manual interpretation.
  • Improved Accuracy: Capture-R® Select technology provides better discrimination for the detection of IgG specific antibodies versus gel based methodologies. Also receive reproducible results by eliminating variability from manual dilutions.
  • Flexibility: Choose from multiple assay options for ABO and non-ABO titrations. Availability of IgG and IgM assays for ABO Titrations.

Various clinical utilities exist for these assays, here are a few examples:

Monitoring of ABO-incompatible Transplants:

  • High and low titer ABO titration assays on the NEO® and NEO Iris® to assist in ABO-incompatible transplant monitoring.
  • Titer results have a direct impact on patient care: Automated ABO titrations provide standardization so that you feel confident in the results you report.
  • Flexibility to run either IgG or IgM assays.

Identify donors with high and low titer reverse group Antibodies:

  • Fully automated high and low titer range assays provide flexibility in testing.
  • IgG and IgM ABO titration assays are vailable to meet your testing needs.

Alloantibody titrations estimate antibody activity in alloimmunized pregnant women*:

  • Immucor understands the need for highly reproducible alloantibody titration results to compare IgG antibody titers over time.
  • Fully automated non-ABO titrations on the NEO Iris offer ease of use over manual titration methods, while providing reproducible results that you can trust.
  • Choose the cell you need from one of our in-date Panoscreen® I, II, III products or our NEW Panoscreen® EXTEND product for maximum flexibility.

*AABB Technical Manual, Methods Section, 20th edition 


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