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CYBERSECURITY is never a destination. It is a journey we are on together.

At Immucor, we are dedicated to protecting our products and the data they contain against malicious threats to confidentiality, integrity, and availability and feel strongly that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility between Immucor and our customers. In order to better assist customers and IT departments, we have released an updated cybersecurity policy. The Immucor Product Cybersecurity Policy further defines Immucor’s commitment to maintaining the security of our products in collaboration with other stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem and supporting the safe and effective use of those products by our customers. This policy can be found on Immucor’s Customer Center under the Resource Library.

We also recently released a frequently asked questions document, which helps answer your questions in regards to cyber and privacy security surrounding Immucor’s products and software. This document can also be found on Immucor’s Customer Center under the Resource Library. From a product development perspective, cybersecurity has also changed the way we work. Procedures have been created or revised to meet new cybersecurity requirements. For all recently released software products, cybersecurity assessment and reports are available. Regular cybersecurity updates are also available for our installed base customers. Looking towards the future, we will also be launching a page on our website dedicated to cyber and privacy security. Our website will house information on our cyber security policy, frequently asked questions regarding cyber security, patch downloads and other applicable documents and updates regarding cyber security


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